Empowering Teams

Through Team Coaching, Change Facilitation and Leadership Coaching

Let me help you to really make change happen!

You are an experienced manager, who is passionate about the professionals in your team(s) ánd about getting the best results for the organization. You feel really proud when you see the team continuously improving and you are thrilled when the organization recognizes the added value of your team(s). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. And when you are really honest, you wonder if ultimately you’re going to win the match with this team. 

Do you recognize this?

  • Although you have an excellent team, you are not always successful in implementing change in the organization 
  • Despite the expertise of team members, they experience resistance on a regular basis
  • The organization doesn’t seem to understand the team’s added value for the company
  • You wish team members would like to learn from each other a bit more to leverage individual experience
  • You feel a bit frustrated every now and then because team members seem to be more focused on own objectives, than on team goals
  • You feel that there is something going on “under the waterline” without it being expressed
  • You find yourself spending a lot of time giving feedback to team members, instead of everyone giving feedback to each other

What to do?

How long can this go on? How much time before talented team members get frustrated and want to leave? Or how long before the board of directors think you can’t handle your team in the right way? 

Would you like to improve your team situation in a sustainable way? Then don’t wait any longer and let me assist you in building a powerful team. Team-patterns which don’t serve the team anymore will be brought to the surface and replaced by empowering and positive behaviour enabling the best team results. 

Change Facilitation, Team & Leadership Coaching​

Three possible interventions to improve the team's culture for better performance

Team Coaching

To improve the collaboration in your team and transform current blocking patterns into productive behaviour to reach your team goals, you could consider team coaching. It adds value when you: 

  • would like growth in the maturity of your team with more trust and open communications 
  • are eager to create a team culture with strong collaboration to get the best team results
  • would like more ownership in self organizing teams (Agile Teams)

Coaching Leadership

Over the years, the roles and responsibilities of managers have changed dramatically which requires a lot of flexibility of leaders.  Therefor it makes sense to reflect on your current leadership style and see if it’s still getting you the best results from the team. Maybe you recognize this? 

  • You spend too much time on internal team stuff, while you want to focus on managing stakeholders and developing a change strategy and vision
  • Although the professionals in your team are very engaged, it feels like you are only one réally responsible for the team results
  • Communication with other departments is difficult because the work in the team isn’t fully aligned.

Change Facilitation

 When you are responsible for driving change within the organization, it could be benificial when someone is dedicated in focusing on the people and behavorial side of change. Krachtige Teams can support you on interim base as a People Change Manager, Agile Coach (Business), Organizational or Implementation Consultant or Communications & Engagement manager

Certified Coach since 2010 (NLP)

Since 2010 I’m a certified Coach and have a lot of experience working in change programs in different industries. I was a projectlead and coach on the communications and behavioral aspects of change. Combining this with my experience as an international Teamlead and my work as Consultant I can quickly assess a situation and develop a plan to handle change in a productive way. This could be from a program or organization perspective, as well as a team or individual perspective. 

Concrete Results

Results are depending on the specifics of a situation, but you could think of:

  • More time for team manager to focus on important tasks outside the team
  • Team leadership style to facilitate and drive change within the team and organization
  • Growth in team maturity with more trust and ownership
  • Better team collaboration because of open communications (including providing feedback)
  • Culture of learning and smarter use of individual talents
  • Main focus on team objectives, rather than on individual goals
"We worked with Suzanne to prepare and facilitate a one day team offsite dedicated to team effectiveness and team focus. During the preparation, Suzanne was very inspirational to find the right balance between team-building exercises and subgroup innovations. During the offsite Suzanne and her long experience in team facilitation were very useful to ensure an appropriate management of difficult conversations". (March '20)
Matthieu Oliviers
Managing Consultant Philips Innovation Services
Suzanne Molenaar

About me

Since my Masters in Communications I’ve worked for 20 years in several industries and mostly in change programs and projects. I started as a Consumer Response Teamlead for the Benelux and moved with a bag full of teamlead-experience back into the Communications workfield. As a communications project lead I got certified as a coach and later as a change management trainer. I added  customer focused change methodologies like LEAN en AGILE way of working to my “work bag”. As an international change manager all my experience was of value. I love connecting the ‘blue’ process and system side of a change to the people and behavioral side of it. And in the end, a change is only successful when people are actually doing something different. Guiding managers and teams through this transition is what I really enjoy, And that’s why I started my own company “Krachtige Teams”. It’s a very Dutch name (sorry), but it means empowering (program) managers and teams to create a good and pleasant work-environment to make it easier to embed change and get the best results. 

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